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Unsponsored Review of the Zinus Becky Wood Dining Room Table

This is an unsponsored post featuring the Zinus Becky Wood Dining Table. I only feature products or ideas on Peaceable Mom with which I have personally had a reliable and positive experience. This post includes affiliate links.

Today, I’m reviewing the Zinus Becky wood dining room table. At the time of posting this review, our family has owned and used the Zinus Becky regularly for about two years.

The Zinus Becky is made from solid pine wood, and is available in a couple different finishes including “Farmhouse” and “Classic“.

My Dining Room Table Criteria

While researching different dining room table options, my criteria were:

  • Inexpensive | As a single mom, I’m completely unwilling to go into debt for stuff.
  • Small-ish
  • Lightweight and portable | I appreciate quality furniture I can move independently.
  • Robust when moved and around children. | I would like our table to last for years.
  • Wooden | In my opinion, wood feels nicer and warmer to the touch than any particle board or plastic type material.
  • Simplicity | Clean lines and a modern aesthetic. No frou-frou.

The Zinus Becky seemed to fulfill all of my criteria, which is why I decided to move forward with the purchase. I purchased the table on Amazon, because I have had reasonably good experiences with them delivering other furniture into my home (as long as the USPS isn’t involved).

Zinus Becky Farmhouse Dining Table
Zinus Becky Farmhouse Dining Table


There isn’t a lot to say here. Attach the four legs to the tabletop, and you’re good to go. It took me about ten minutes. Easy peasy.


The lines of this table are very simple. It’s a rectangle (that is, of course, unless you choose the smaller square). There are no fancy carvings or ornamentation.

I guess I can see where Zinus came up with the trendy “farmhouse” descriptor. But I didn’t buy it for that reason. Its simplicity was a big selling point for me though. I can see this table styled a few different ways depending on your personal preferences.


Seating Options

Even though I’ve chosen these Windsor style chairs to go with our table (mainly because I was able to thrift them very inexpensively), I can easily see more modern seating options like these MCM style chairs going well with the Zinus Becky.


There is an option to purchase the Zinus Becky with two matching benches. Personally, I wouldn’t enjoy sitting on a bench like this during a meal. But, if you have children, this may be the perfect option for you. I also think that the benches might work well for a quick breakfast in the morning before heading out the door. But I don’t think the benches are ideal for lingering over a meal and enjoying company for a few hours.

The Size

At the time of purchase our apartment was around 500 sq. ft. total. Now, where we have double the space, the table still feels well-sized for us. The Zinus Becky does come in even a smaller option, but I wanted to be able to comfortably entertain during the holidays.

The Zinus Becky seats four people comfortably, and six people cozily. This table is a great size for a small dining room.

In general, I think the table is too small to hold large dishes of food AND your guests. During the Thanksgiving holiday I used our kitchen countertops to set out food buffet style for our guests. If you have a buffet, sideboard, or countertop to use while entertaining, this will come in very handy.

Cleaning the Zinus Becky

The table has generally been easy to keep clean. There is one point you will want to consider; The grooves within the tabletop tend to collect crumbs and dust. Often I’ll just wipe the tabletop down with a cloth, and this will be sufficient to get into the grooves. However, I regularly clean the grooves using cotton swabs to ensure cleanliness.

I have also oiled the tabletop twice during our two years of ownership with a small amount of olive oil. This helps keep it looking healthy and new. Our Colorado air is very dry, and wood furniture like this would suffer if not properly oiled.


The table doesn’t wobble, or give me any cause for concern regarding its stability. When we moved into a new apartment about six months ago, our Zinus Becky was moved by a professional moving company without any loss of stability and without any damage. Had I wanted to do so, I could have easily disassembled the table and moved it by myself in the hatch of my car without any large difficulty or help.

Zinus Becky Stability

Do I Recommend the Zinus Becky Farmhouse Wood Dining Room Table?

Yes, I do. The table is very easy to assemble. It’s affordable and sturdy. It’s clean, simple lines make it ideal for many styles of interior design.

After two years of regular use, our Zinus Becky still looks relatively new. I’m very pleased with our purchase. All in all, I feel it’s an excellent choice for anyone living in a smaller space.

Watch the Zinus Becky Review on YouTube!

Watch My Review of the Zinus Becky on YouTube!

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