What My Nine-Year-Old Wants for Christmas
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This is What My Nine-Year-Old Wants for Christmas This Year

This is an unsponsored post about what my nine-year-old wants for Christmas. I only feature products on Peaceable Mom with which I have personally had a reliable and positive experience. This post includes affiliate links.

What any nine-year-old REALLY wants for Christmas is love, family time, togetherness, warmth, safety, holiday cheer and magic. But if you’ve got all that under your belt like we do (thankfully!), you may be looking for that special gift for under the tree. These are the actual gifts my nine-year-old daughter has asked for, and will be receiving this year. If you’re in a pinch for an idea, may they be of help to you.

LEGO Icons Flower Bouquet

Every single year. Yes, my daughter has received LEGO every single year for Christmas since the age of two. And what a wonderful gift indeed! This year, she has grown a bit (nine is really almost 10) and is ready for something a bit more delicate. My mom picked up this beautiful set this year and, frankly, I cannot wait to see it built.

A few notes on this set. The set is intended for adults. But if your kid, like mine, is patient and has been building LEGO for a good long while, this may not matter.

Calico Critters Country Home

This is what Sophia is getting from me. Nine-year-olds in our circles seem to all share a similar squealing interest in all that is tiny and cute. This house also really beats a gigantic Barbie Dreamhouse in terms of space occupied and construction time. And, as a kid who is carefully straddling the divide between childhood and tweenhood, I’m glad part of her is still choosing childhood. Cue the tears.

Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Jelly Belly Beans

Each year during homeschool we choose an author to do a deep dive on during the year. The first year we chose Shakespeare. Then came Dickens. Now, it’s JK Rowling. These jelly beans have been the source of much giggling in our home, and Sophia asked to receive some for Christmas.

As a side note, we absolutely LOVED reading Rowling’s book The Christmas Pig this year. One of the chief criticisms of the book is that it features an imperfect family dealing with divorce and other imperfect situations. Our imperfect family, however, thought the story was magical and thought-provoking.

Instax Film

The Instax Camera Sophia received a couple of years ago is still going strong. So, this year she’ll receive a fresh supply of film for memory-making.

Mickey’s Christmas Carol Disney Doorables

Cue the cute and tiny squeals of nine-year-old joy again. My mom picked up this Dickensian themed holiday set and, truthfully, my own inner child is squealing with delight.

And Two Things She DIDN’T Ask For But Mom Is Getting Anyway


I love a good practical gift, and these are it this year.

Willow Tree Close to Me, Sculpted Hand-Painted Figure

Every year “Santa” puts one family gift under the tree. In other years he’s brought photo albums or personalized ornaments. This year he’s bringing this sweet little sculpture.

Happy Holidays!

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