Christmas Candy Snack Board

Make the Holidays Sweet with a Christmas Candy Snack Board

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Sophia and I attended a holiday gathering recently. The kids at the party *really* enjoyed this board, which I created under ten minutes and for about ten dollars.

The Board

The square board I chose is made of maple wood and is 11 inches on each side. It has a slight rim around the edge, which makes transporting it easier. The exact board I used doesn’t seem to be available for purchase anymore, but this one is similar. This size board is perfect for a gathering of 6-8 candy lovers.

If you need to provide more candy, a larger board would work just as well. In that case, you’ll want to consider a larger chocolate Santa Claus, and/or an additional candy cane heart or two.

The Christmas Candy

While I love a board that looks beautiful, it’s important to choose foods that will be enjoyed by guests. I knew that the kids at the party LOVE marshmallows. So, I went a bit heavy on those here. The tween kids also devoured the peppermint sticks, which somewhat surprised me. The point is, you can really add any candy you know your guests are going to enjoy. Tailor it to them. Don’t make your board only for show or to look good – make it delicious!

Christmas Candy Snack Board Peppermint Sticks

Red & White

For this Christmas candy snack board, I’ve decided on a simple red and white theme. Of course, there are many exciting Christmas color combinations to choose from, which will help make your candy snack board look delicious and have your guests ready to dig in.

Keep in mind, it’s preferable to have a variety of shapes, sizes, textures, and flavors – especially if you don’t know your guests’ favorites well.

Most of the candy ingredients – apart from the candy canes, mini-marshmallows, and chocolate Santa – were purchased at the Dollar Tree. It is absolutely possible to create a beautiful candy board for around $10.

Hershey Santa Hat or Solid Red Kisses | As an alternative centerpiece to this board, a large Hershey Kiss would look splendid!

Red Lindt Lindor Chocolate Balls

Chocolate Bells

Peppermint Sticks

Two Candy Canes

Festive Marshmallows

Red M&M’S

Wiley Wallaby Red Licorice

White Mini-Marshmallows

One Chocolate Santa Claus


Ghirardelli Peppermint Bark Chocolate Squares

Brach’s Cinnamon Imperials (or Red Hots)

Jelly Belly Very Cherry Jelly Beans

Framing the Candy Snack Board

I framed the candy board with the Santa Hat Hershey’s Kisses. If you don’t have to transport your board, chocolate baubles would also be a lovely way to frame it. They’re a bit too roly-poly for transport though. For a candy cane theme, you could go with peppermint stars or mini candy canes as a border.

The centerpiece of the board is very easy to create. It doesn’t require any special equipment, dishes, talents, or finagling. Anybody can do it if you have a couple of candy canes around! See?

Christmas Candy Board
Fill your centerpiece candy canes with some red M&M’s or any small festive candy.

Filling It In

As with any great snack or charcuterie style board, I’m aiming for an abundant look. So, I piled on the red licorice bites, along with the fun candy cane and snowman marshmallows to the board.

For variety, I added some chocolate bells and a few Lindt Lindor chocolate balls. The peppermint sticks add visual interest with their difference in size. And I used the mini-marshmallows to fill in any remaining gaps.

Of course, we don’t want to forget Santa Claus who takes center stage within the candy cane heart!

“The perfect is the enemy of the good.” Voltaire

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