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How I Test Products for Target

This is an unsponsored account of my experience testing FREE products from Target. I only feature product testing programs on Peaceable Mom with which I have personally had a reliable and positive experience. This post may include affiliate links.

While there is no definitive process to being recruited into Hey, Bullseye, there are a few tips and tricks which may help you better position yourself to test products for Target. This post shares what I did and how the process worked for me. Please take what you find useful, and leave the rest. This post is not sponsored.

Target’s Hey, Bullseye program is probably one of the more coveted product testing programs to be recruited into because – well, who doesn’t love shopping at Target? I’ve been a member of Hey, Bullseye for a few years.

How Target Chooses Hey, Bullseye Participants

It’s not fully clear how people are chosen to participate in this program. But Target does give us some specific information on their Hey, Bullseye FAQ Page. They state:

We seek guests who enjoy sharing their opinions & sentiments about the products they use. Thus, Hey, Bullseye members are selected based on criteria such as how many reviews they’ve written on Target.com in the past, involvement in one of Target’s  digital communities and our current membership capacity.

Bullseye Insiders

My first step was to apply for Target’s product development program called Bullseye Insiders. This is where Target asks consumers like you and me for our opinions on various topics. This is also the ONLY contribution I was making at the time of my recruitment into Hey, Bullseye.

The surveys on Bullseye Insiders are usually not incentivized, which means you get nothing for doing them except Target’s gratitude and the ability to use your voice to influence product development. There is the occasional opportunity to participate in a focus group which may be compensated with a Target gift card. There are also monthly contests in which Target gift cards can be won. Over the years, I HAVE participated in compensated focus groups and HAVE NOT won any of the contests for gift cards via Bullseye Insiders.

My Advice

I contributed to the Bullseye Insiders community for several months before being recruited into Hey, Bullseye. If I were giving a friend advice, I would suggest first becoming an active, consistent, and reliable contributor within Bullseye, Insiders over a longer period of time.

There is also the demographic element which is somewhat of a mystery because we don’t know exactly what Target is looking for at any period of time. On the other hand, recruitment based upon demographics can change over time. The only thing you really DO know is that by not applying and not trying, you will never be recruited.

If you’re concerned about not fitting into a standard demographic, consider my tiny, two-person, single-parent, multi-racial family. Target seems just as interested in what we have to say as anyone else. So, I recommend going into Bullseye Insiders with a true desire to contribute and not worrying about labels.

What to Consider After Recruitment

Once you are accepted into Target’s Hey, Bullseye program you will want to keep a few things in mind.

What Products Are Offered For Testing?

I’ve been fortunate to test a wide variety of products ranging from exercise equipment, furniture, toys, home decor, clothing, food, household and tech products, and more. In exchange for being able to test these products and keep them at the end of the testing period, Target simply asks that you post an honest review about your experience. They usually ask that you post photos as part of your review.

Availability of Products

There are a limited amount of each product to test. So, when they become available on the Hey, Bullseye platform, they go quickly! Target will send you an email letting you know there is a product available to test on your dashboard. If you get an email like this, don’t wait around until later! Hurry over to the Hey, Bullseye website and make your selections.

Writing Reviews

Once you receive your product, make sure to write a quality review shortly thereafter. Target gives helpful advice for writing reviews which you can use as a guide. Don’t wait too long and don’t neglect to write the review because Target monitors how many products you receive vs. how many you review.

Does the Hey, Bullseye Program Favor Instagram Users?

In a nutshell, yes. The Hey, Bullseye program favors consumers who are active on Instagram, and who post photos of their test products (this is IN ADDITION to product reviews posted via the Hey, Bullseye platform). However, as someone who is not very active on Instagram, I have still received ample testing opportunities. So, don’t let this discourage you.

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