Peaceable Mom | A Single Mom's Homeschooling Journey
Michelle & Sophia

We are Michelle and Sophia, a single mom/only child homeschooling duo based in Colorado. Though on the fence for a long time, we permanently transitioned to homeschooling during the 2020 COVID-19 public health crisis – the middle of my daughter’s first grade year. So much joy has filled our home since, I am confident this is the right choice for our little family.

I’m a pro at making something out of nothing financially. Some of the topics I plan on writing about are everyday life, being a mom, money and resourcefulness, priorities, and the culturally reinforced beliefs many single parents hold about their ability to be present with their children.

Homeschooling, when well done, strengthens families, deepens learning, and helps our children focus upon what is important rather than the many distractions and stressors inherent to public schools. Our children are hurting and it only takes one look at our school violence statistics and academic priorities to confirm this.

My own American public school experience was fraught with bullying, misfitry (I’ll proclaim misfitry a word for now), and trauma. Thanks to a cultural exchange program I headed overseas at 17 for a challenging year in Germany after which I attended university in Switzerland. My own diverse educational background has help me redefine joy and understand what is truly important on our family’s journey of learning each day.

Being a “Peaceable Mom” is about making a consistent effort toward peace in one’s self and home. It isn’t about perfection and unnecessary levels of pressure. So, while peace is my goal – I sometimes succeed at this, other times not so much.

Thank you for joining us on our journey as we explore homeschooling, making it as a single parent at home, well-being, and family. Also, consider joining me on YouTube where I awkwardly attempt to make friends with the camera and those of you beyond it.

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