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5 Holiday Gifts for Kids Who Love to Learn

This is an unsponsored post about holiday gifts my daughter enjoyed receiving. I only feature products on Peaceable Mom with which I have personally had a reliable and positive experience. This post includes affiliate links.

Many of us are on the hunt for fun and educational holiday gifts for the children in our lives. Here are the best gifts my seven-year-old daughter received this holiday season.

1. Instax Camera Bundle

Though the Instax Camera wasn’t on my daughter’s wishlist this year, she says it is the best gift she received. Besides being REALLY cool, the camera has many educational applications ranging from tech skills, journalistic or scientific documentation, and artistry.


We’ve been building LEGO sets together for years, but this is the first year my daughter skillfully plowed through a larger build herself! It’s very gratifying for me to watch and fun for her.

3. Microscope

This AmScope 52 piece microscope set is wonderful for beginners and comes with everything needed to learn about using a microscope and looking beyond the surface of life.

4. Prepared Glass Slides

While the AmScope microscope comes with prepared and blank slides, receiving an additional box of prepared glass slides has added to the fun. Where else are you going to get a bit of dog esophagus?

5. Mia Mayhem Boxed Book Set

Sophia received these Mia Mayhem books from her uncle this season! They’ve been a huge hit in our home.

The best holiday gifts are meaningful and work well for you, your children, and your family’s learning situation! Happy Holidays!

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